HAWT Girl Summer Challenge

The H.A.W.T. (Having A Wild Time) Girl Summer Challenge is a commitment to honouring your wild roots and saying FU to diet culture, which tries to sell you the idea that you need to attain perfection in order to experience joy. 

Together we are going to harness our wild side and do the things that light our soul on fire, regardless of our body size! 

  • This summer you’re going to say yes to being in the photo.
  • You’re going to choose the shorts and tank top over covering up. 
  • You’re going to laugh, dance and play in the water.
  • You’re going to relish the pleasure of trying new flavours of ice cream. 
  • This summer you are going to have the most epic, wild time. 

Let’s go over the details of this amazing free challenge, shall we?

You will find 4 audio coaching sessions that will support you in making the mindset shift that will make doing this work easy and fun! 

Topics covered:

  1. Joyful Eating
  2. Deserving of Comfort
  3. Deserving of Nourishment
  4. Deserving of Memories

For extra fun, snap pics of you doing things that bring you joy this summer and share them to your Instagram stories or feed and tag me @aromasandavocados


Are you ready to have a wild time???

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