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Authentic Appetite

Pause Perfection to find Peace

  • Are you done with following restrictive and overwhelming diets?
  • Are you tired of the yo-yo diet cycle; gaining, losing, gaining?
  • Are you sick of being at war with food and your body, and looking for another way?

This 5-month intuitive eating program will help you pause perfection to find peace in your body so you can start living your life FULLY! 

The Pocket Coaching Experience

Go from Stuck to Unstoppable

1 Week of 1:1 on-demand intuitive eating and body image coaching

Pocket Coaching Experience is for you if:

  • You've just begun your intuitive eating and body acceptance journey and need some extra support to take you to the next level
  • You're curious if coaching is for you and you want to test the waters before you dive in

A&A Book Club

The Aromas & Avocados Book Club is an intimate gathering of like minded women who are journeying together as they learn to love and accept their authentic selves. Each month we read and discuss a book pertaining to body + self acceptance. 

HAWT Girl Summer Challenge

The H.A.W.T. (Having A Wild Time) Girl Summer Challenge is a commitment to honouring your wild roots and saying FU to diet culture, which tries to sell you the idea that you need to attain perfection in order to experience joy. 

Together we are going to harness our wild side and do the things that light our soul on fire, regardless of our body size! 

*The content shared in these audio coaching clips will help you any time of the year! 

Demystifying the Diet + Health Industry

In this 1 hour workshop you will learn:

  • The myths around nutrition, diets and weight loss
  • Why losing and keeping weight off is so darn difficult
  • The first step to discovering your inner wisdom 

How To Go Through The Holidays Without Food Guilt Webinar

  • Are you done with feeling shame and guilt at holiday dinners because you ‘over did it’?
  • Are you done with feeling the pressure to healthify your favourite holiday recipes?
  • Are you done feeling like you have to join a new diet on January 1st?
  • Are you done with fearing holiday weight gain?

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