Demystifying the Diet + Health Industry

Alright, girl, do you relate to this?

You take a look in the mirror feeling completely discouraged, so you funnel all that frustration into signing up for yet another 30-day challenge. You muster up every ounce of willpower you have, which at this point feels like next to nothing. And while you spend every day mindlessly eating whatever this challenge is telling you to, you are simultaneously being advertised yet another diet that is conflicting everything you are currently eating, leaving you exhausted, confused, hopeless and irritable.

Why do we keep doing this to ourselves?!

Here's why: there's a billion-dollar industry that keeps you believing that you need them to know what to eat. 

But did you know there is wisdom living inside of you right now at this very moment; that can filter all of the confusing information the diet culture throws at you, so you never have to follow a restrictive diet again? This, my friend, is intuitive eating. That wisdom just needs to be rediscovered.

Intuitive eating is an opportunity to give yourself permission. 

Permission to eat foods that truly satisfy you. 

Permission to live without restriction and food rules. 

Permission to meet your body where it is at, listen to it and respond with love and compassion.

But I hear you. The thought of letting go of all the messages we have been told our entire lives and learning to trust our intuition can be scary. The key is to change those beliefs with a complete understanding of why they never worked for us to begin with. 

So in the spirit of helping you change your beliefs so that you can finally be free from negative thinking, dieting, and self-judgment, I’m hosting a 1-hour workshop where we will Demystify the Diet + Health Industry.

If you are ready to embrace wellness without obsession, join us:


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